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Aleix Triadó (Sant Celoni, 1995)

He began playing the guitar in primary school. There he discovered a great passion and would dedicate himself fully to this instrument. Soon enough, he would also develop a great interest in sound and music production and thus studied a degree on Sound for Audiovisuals at EMAV. Simultaneously, he finished the Conservatory of Jazz and Modern Music, graduating with a project composed only of his own songs. Along with that, he found much joy in Brazilian music and a figure who would become one of his greatest influences, João Gilberto. This is how he started his career as a singer. A career that would lead him to an exhaustive study of the technique of the master from Bahia and to explore other artists that he was also passionate about, such as Mark Knopfler or John Mayer.

At the age of 20, he started studying a degree in Sonology at ESMUC. In it, he combined his two passions and had the opportunity to record and produce some EP’s for other artists and, therefore, start his career as a producer.

From the beginning, music has been a fundamental form of expression for this artist and, after a great gestation period, in 2021 he releases his first personal project in which he explores himself in all his shapes and sizes: as a composer, lyricist, singer, instrumentalist and producer. In his own words, to him this project is “a way of expressing things sometimes we don’t know exactly how to say… It is a cure”.

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